Sep 26, 2007

Kurdish-Israeli military relations

It has since the 1960's under the leadership of Mustafa Barzani been Israeli officers and experts in presence in southern Kurdistan when it was a period at close quarters between the Baathist Iraq the cruel Saddam Hussein and the Shah monarchist Iran

According to Eliezer Tsafrir (former senior Mossad official), Israel had military advisers in 1963-1975 at the headquarters of Mustafa Barzani, trained and supplied the Kurdish units with fire arms, field and anti-aircraft artillery.
(Reuters, 21.02.1999.).

One theory and cause that had led to a military cooperation and support from Israel in Kurdistan is that Israels found their "allies" in their Baathist neighbour countries Syria and Iraq, journalists had for a long time accusing the Kurds of being Israels eyes and ears in the middle east.

The Kurdish military material collapse in southern Kurdistan 1975, Israel, a long-time friend, gave mainly training and a few weapons to the Barzani peshmerga force. They where 100 000 man strong but badly outgunned.

Peshmerge soldiers - (Kurdish: pêşmerge) literally means "those who face death"and like Israel they actively uses female soldiers.

The KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) together with Mossad´s established in the late 1960s the KDP intelligence service "Parastin", wich means resistance.
From the end of the 1950s to the early 1960s, by various estimates, thousands of Mossad agents and instructors of the Israeli army resided in south Kurdistan at the time and conducted undercover operations. Israel became the principal source of weapons supplies and training for the Kurds in their struggle against the Iraqi government.

The dozens of former Israeli special forces soldiers with elite military combat background crossed into southern Kurdistan through northern Kurdistan in 2004 to train two sets of Kurdish troops.

Two years later in 2006,
the former Israel Defense Forces commandos, in secret trained Kurdish soldiers in southern Kurdistan to protect a new international airport and in counter-terrorism operations and they educated over a 100 soldiers in the Peshmerga force how to spot terrorists and shooting techniques in crowds.

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