Oct 22, 2007

David & Layla [Movie clips]

David & Layla is a 2006 film written and directed by the Kurdish-American director Jay Jonroy, an independent director and producer based in New York. It is his first feature film and is inspired by the true story of the Kurdish-Jewish couple Alwand Jaff and her husband, David Ruby.

David & Layla - TRAILER (Official Theatrical Trailer USA)

David & Layla - TV Spot (Official TV SPOT USA)

Other clips:

David & Layla - The Dating Game at Omar Khaayam Club. CLIP 1

David & Layla - Seduction, Sailing & History ! CLIP 2

David & Layla - Moonlight, Roses, Poetry & Hang Out! CLIP 3

David & Layla - Facing the Imam at the Mosque. CLIP 4

For more information about the movie, visit the official David & Layla site!

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