Dec 5, 2007

Kempinski in Kurdistan

The jewish Kempinski company will build in Kurdistan.
Kempinski is a luxury hotel group founded in 1897. Kempinski Hotels, the trading name for Kempinski Aktiengesellschaft, is an independent German delisted AG, which is involved in a number of hotel and hospitality related businesses, including conference, catering and hotel supplies.

Speech by Primeminister Necirwan Barzani (Kurdistan Regional Government in south Kurdistan, Iraq)


This project is the most serious foreign investment project in the Kurdistan Region. This hotel is a partnership between the private and public sectors. Elegan Group is the investor, Kempinski will manage the hotel, and the KRG is playing a major role with the provision of land and support services to make this project a reality. This project demonstrates and proves that the KRG supports this kind of investment. We look forward to a long, productive relationship with Kempinski Hotels. Their success will be our success.

On behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government, I warmly welcome the owners, the Elegan Group, and investors in this Kempinski Hotel who have taken this outstanding initiative. We consider their efforts as committed participation in contributing to the future of the Kurdistan Region and to the rest of Iraq.

PM's speech at 5-star hotel groundbreaking ceremony

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