Jan 4, 2008

Jewish lady won the award "Friend of the Kurds 2006"

The winner of the Kurd festival (Kurdgalan) in Sweden (Stockholm arranged by KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) was Helena Svantesson. She won the award for "Friend of the Kurds 2006".

Helena is a Jewish holocaust survivor that have been working in Kurdistan with Individual Humanhelp and has as a pensioner been working on own basis. She has a centre named after her in Kurdistan and also works with orphan children in Kurdistan. She has survived the death camp in Auschwitz and calls herself a friend of the Kurdish people.

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choman said...

hello women. so i'm a kurds and live in germany,well all the diffrenc people that i met here in germany always telling me jewish so and so , but i have never thinked like them, as i boren have also hired such bla bla, but as i opened my min and my eyes. I saw that theres no reason to hate u , but theres reason to love u like myself, and its because ur a human like me and lives with me in the same planet,forget which kind of religion u have ! respect for the power that have builded me and u our universum and our beautiful life !thanks for the work.from here love towards israelin humans and all good humans around the world.god bless you.
serdar star
for working together haukar_star@yahoo.com