Feb 13, 2008

Ferdinand explores the history of the Kurds

Kurds an ethnic group in their own right – genetically most closely related to Jews

Ferdinand Hennerbichler explores the history of the Kurds from their origins to the present day
Kurds an ethnic group in their own right – genetically most closely related to Jews

As the Kurd conflict has currently reached a new high point in world politics, wieninternational is presenting the book “Die Kurden” written by Ferdinand Hennerbichler, a member of its staff.

Kurds were not originally Iranians, even if they speak an Iranian language today, but an ethnic group in their own right descended from original inhabitants of the Middle East. Genetically they are most closely related to Jews.

This is the basic conclusion of the book “Die Kurden”, a comprehensive history of the Kurds from their beginnings until the present day – compulsory reading for all those who seek to fully understand the background to the long conflict involving the Kurdish people and particularly the critical stage it has reached at present. For experts at the RMIB Geoscience publishing company in the Netherlands it is the “most important new publication about the Kurds”. In international expert circles the work by Ferdinand Hennerbichler is being cited as a standard reference work on the subject.

About the book

According to recent genetic studies, Kurds are very closely related to Jews. Despite what many people believe, they were not Iranians, even if they speak an Iranian language today. There were Kurds in the regions they inhabit long before the oldest of the Indo-Iranians who live there today. Kurds originally spoke their own pre-Indo-European language and they did not adopt Iranian until the middle of the first millennium before the Christian era. Even the Iranian they speak today has very old roots (such as full ergativity) and is unique in having links with Basque. Basque is a living pre-Indo-European language, and the oldest Kurdish could therefore be as old as Basque, dating back to 2,500 years before the Christian era. Population geneticists have also discovered that Kurds are the descendants of the oldest Stone Age farmers in Kurdistan.

Their ancestors thus co-invented modern agriculture around 10,000 years before the Christian era and helped to develop and disseminate Indo-European languages. Moreover, leading international researchers such as Ariella Oppenheim, Almut Nebel and Marina Faerman in Israel have demonstrated that the closest genetic relatives of the Kurds are the Jews. Armenians are close relatives of both. All three ethnic groups belong to the original civilisations in the Middle East and Asia Minor.

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