May 17, 2008

Kurdish radio about Israel

The kurdish public service radio station (part of Sveriges Radio SR) aired on the 14th May a show about Israel and the 60 year celebration.

Sara Jahangiry (kurdish student) and Martin Blecher (chairman of the Israelgroup - IsraelGruppen) attended and was interviewed.

Listen here! (SR International Kurdiska "Radio Zayele)
Time: 02:00 - Sara Jahangiry (in Kurdish)
Time: 06:30 - Martin Blecher (in Swedish)

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Magnus said...

Martin Blecher is not and have never been chairman of Israelgruppen.

I know this because I was chairman all through the organizations life span.

There is also a protocol from Stockholm University, which appendices our constituting protocol where it is clearly stated that Martin Blecher is a deputy board member.