Feb 5, 2009

CHAK "The Kurdish people are with you" - Holocaust rememberence

The Kurdish people are with you
- CHAK (The Centre of Halabja against Anfalazation and Genocide of Kurds)

The Holocaust was the systematic murder of millions of Jewish people by the Nazi regime and its collaborators before and during WWII. The Holocaust is the most brutal genocide that history has ever witnessed, and Kurdish people join Jewish people all over the world in remembering the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, humanity has witnessed the genocide of a number of peoples both before and after WWII. Currently, the world passively watches the genocide ofthe people of Darfur. Such brutal crimes against humanity are not hidden away in our past but are real in many corners of the world today. We must do something together to stop this madness.

Kurdish people have also dealt with this most terrible of crimes: the slaughter of Ezdi Kurds by the young Turks in 1916; genocide committed by the Kemalist regime of Turkey between 1937 and 1938; the mass killing and ethnic cleansing crimes against the Faili Kurds by the Arab regimes of Iraq; the mass killings of around 8,000 Barzani Kurds in 1983; the chemical bombardment of Kurdish villages between 1987 and 1988; the chemical attacks on Serdashtin 1987; the chemical attacks on Halabja in 1988, which killed 5,000 people; and the ethnic cleansing attacks that culminated during the Anfal genocidal campaign in 1988, resulting in the disappearance of approximately 182,000 Kurds and the destruction of around 4,000 Kurdish villages.

Kurdish people are still oppressed by Turkey, Iran, and Syria, and many crimes against Kurds continue today, such as the prosecution and murder of intellectuals and human rights activists and the bombarding of Kurdish villages.While we are remembering the tragedy of the Holocaust, we appeal to the international community to do something to stop crimes against humanity everywhere in the world and make the world a more peaceful place for allpeople regardless of race, religion, faith, color, or culture.

Kurdocide Watch (CHAK) January 2009


Thaumiel said...

And we jews are with you too!

Robo69 said...

We are family!

Anonymous said...

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chony said...

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anderias said...

Just like a reply for that fucking (prayer) you can't present kurdish community; you can only represent your fucking self,
and I don't see a huge or even a big diffrent between Kurdish and Jwesh community, we are al most the same

optimumgeomatics said...
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