Mar 1, 2009

Ben-Zion Israeli's travel to Kurdistan

Material from about the journeys of Ben-Zion.

This article and the following one will feature photos from the 1930s documenting Ben-Zion's trips to Egypt, Iraq, Kurdistan and Persia. Ben-Zion was sent on a mission by the Zionist settlement, which sought to revive the growing of palms in Israel.

Ben-Zion meets with Jews in the village of Sindoor

Ben-Zion meets with Jewish families in the village of Sindoor

1934, Jews' homes in the village of Sindoor in Kurdistan

In the city of Kirkuk, known for its oil wells (Ben-Zion is holding on to the electric pole)

In 1934, the Agency asked Ben-Zion to contact the Israel community in Mosul. In the photo: A classroom for Jewish children with the teacher holding a stick


1933, Ben-Zion near Prophet Jonah's grave in Nineveh (Mosul)

That year Ben-Zion travels to the Kurdistan region in order to contact the Israel communities in the villages. This is a photo from one of the villages in Kurdistan

D. Ben-Zion meeting with Jewish families in village of Sindoor

C. Ben-Zion standing next to 102-year-old Jew in village of Sindoor, Kurdistan
B. A convoy of camels in Kurdistan

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Thank you to all the volunteers and kibbutzniks at Lahav for making my time there a memorable one. טיסות זולות לחול