Jul 13, 2009

Nahariya back to Kurdistan

Mtzweid Israeli passport, without trying to hide your identity, deaf Mordechai Ben Menashe, used to tie Nahariya, the districts his childhood in Iraq, along with three friends. Accompanied by surviving soldiers, jumped Lmosol Muslim kings won dignity

Eddie wave Published: 18.06.09, 15:37

Cshgis Mordechai Ben Menashe, Nahariya -72 year old, the passport Israeli policeman at the airport customs of Irbil, northern Iraq, it was for the most natural thing to do. For Ben Menashe, Northern Iraq is a second home and visiting there is not more from a visit to Roots. Customs cop, something surprised submitted her passport, a question in English what exactly does Ben Menachem name.

Mordechai, without be confused, said her straight Kurdish, a tone of irony, that when living there, is not yet born. "Clerical Hmoftat, she saw that I understand the language, she called the officer pulled be confused without the visa stamp and put me on the Israeli passport."

Thus, for two weeks, turned Ben Menashe along with three other friends dragging him from the country, across the North of Iraq, makes a good time, and the health of the clean air Kurdistan, already planning the next visit to Iraq.

"I knew that there will be problems. I have contacts there I save over the years. I knew that they were willing to give everyone one has an Israeli passport, which says he was born in Iraq, to visit there."

Ben Menashe's story at first sounds like a thousand stories night and night, but his apartment in Nahariya, he shows pride and the Israeli passport stamp can not be confused

About identity: Iraqi Republic, in English and Arabic.

Scattered on the table numerous pictures, some meaningful special מקברי צדיקים northern Iraq. Ben Menashe was born 72 years ago Bkozing 'kilometers, then a small town with 25 thousand inhabitants, the city is developed with approximately - 300 thousand inhabitants. His father, Avraham z "l, who was the owner of a gold shop in the city and died in Iraq, Sarah, immigrated to Israel in 1951, through Cyprus with nine children.

The family settled in Afula and Mordechai married with a beautiful wife passed Nahariya. Ben Menashe remember well his childhood in Iraq and after 58 years in the country. He speaks Kurdish and Arabic, is rooted in what is happening there, up to date trip to North Iraq was not, apparently, the last. During the conversation with him it became clear that there has already visited Cssdam Hussein controlled the country.

Between Jews Kurds have good relations, which lasted hundreds of years. Always these two minorities were Hnrdfim Ocrto alliance in Iraq. Even today, according to the Menashe Jews Kurds consider their alliance. Took a picture of one of the pictures belong to a visit last appears respectable, dressed in clothes of traditional Kurds.

Ben Menashe no satisfaction in the cities visited Kurdish north of Iraq, and he also visited the cities Mosol, softening, etc., Arab towns in Israel where love is not really flush. "Kurds have given him four soldiers will be accompanied by us in the cities of the Arab. There is much in קברי צדיקים, grave of the Prophet Daniel, Hanania's help. Visited them all."

Not afraid? Though Iraq is still at war.
"I do not remember even one moment of fear. Not really. Kurdish region received us like kings. Dynasty even invited us to the district to visit. In the Arab soldiers accompanied us and it was fine. While we were there was an explosion and the north - 24 people were killed. But the officer who accompanied us said assumption assumptions tadpole not Hurt ".

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Both countries relation based on trade.
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