May 1, 2010

Jewish buildings in southern Kurdistan

One of the few original buildings in the Jewish quarter in Silêmanî (Sulaimaniyah), iraqi Kurdistan

Near Zarvia Dji, "The Land of the Jews" - outside Akre.


be_pivaz said...

i'm kurdish too but i from north kurdistan (turkey).
thank you for this blog that teaches me a lot about the kurdish jews.

If israel support kurd and kurdistan and becomes our ally, we can then have a big independant kurdistan.

But the pressure of NATO's allies is a barrier.

Thanks for the kurdish jews who protest for our cause in israel


li xwe rind binêre

Daniel said...

These buildings looks very old.
Iraqi Dinar

Andrew J. Brehm said...

Now that Turkey has decided to try to intimidate Israel, few Israelis see a reason to keep up the immoral alliance with Turkey.

For decades we, Jews and Israelis, have helped Turkey oppress the Kurds. It's enough. There is no excuse any more.

In the near future Iran will be free, Kurdistan will be independent and Israel will have two powerful and superior allies.