Apr 3, 2009

David Star on Amed Wall, Kurdistan

David Star on Amed Wall, northern Kurdistan (Diyarbakir, Southeast Turkey)

Starting from the earliest times, the city was ruled by the Hurri-Mithani, Hittites and Assyrians. It was once the capital city of the Arami Bit-Zamani Kingdom. It was later occupied or ruled by the Meds, Persians, Macedonians, Seleukos, Romans, the Ilkhanide and the Akkoyunlu Seljuks. It is referred to as Amidi, Amid, Amido or Amida in different sources. In Islamic - Arabic sources it is cited as "Diyar-i Berk". In the republican era it is started to be known as Diyarbakir deriving from the copper ore existing in the area.

(The Amed wall)

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Darbaz said...

The David star is everywhere in Kurdistan, you even can find it inside the Erbil citadel