Aug 9, 2009

Discords over Kurd-Israel ties

Kurdish politicians and intellectuals say Kurdish relationship with Israel would take place only through Iraq as Kurdistan is a part of Iraq. Kurdistan Region is a part of Iraq as it is responsible for building relations with other states, expert for Kurdish relations with the Mideast countries Bukhari Abdullah said. “We are Iraqis. If Iraq has relations with Israel, then we are included and vice versa is also true”, he added.

“Kurdish leaders have repeated several times, if Iraq has relations with Israel, that relation directly incorporates Kurds,” head of KDP foreign relations Safin Dizayee said. We are committed to the Iraqi constitution as it put foreign relations directly to shoulders of the Iraqi foreign ministry, he added.

Having relations with a democratic country like Israel is not a sin and most of the Arab countries have relations with it, Kurdish writer and journalist Zirak Kamal said.

Those who say that Kurds have relations with Israel have no evidence as “there is no relation between both’, college instructor Marif Omer said. Relations is built according to development and economic interests, so there is nothing dangerous in that, Omer said.