Aug 11, 2009

Kurds inviting Kurdish Jews back to Kurdistan from Israel

(Newspaper "Israel Kurds")

Although the glory of the pride of the Iraqi Kurds leader Saladin, the ancestral origins of the region, which was preferred to the recovery of Jerusalem from the families of the crusader occupation and the consolidation of the Islamic world under the flag, but the Kurdish region of Iraq and live a different reality today.

Is no longer strange that the eye is the Star of David on top of the first page of a newspaper or magazine, issued in the autonomous province, and he frowned a banner headline that read versions of those calling for the return of Jews to the region. Some of these calls were published and promoted by the magazine "Israel Kurds" by the Kurdish people in Arbil, the capital of the province.

And promote the magazine explicitly to accept the return of Jews to the region they are Kurds, and publishes statistics on the presence of more than 150 Kurdish Jew.

Reactions to the grass-roots level in the Kurdish street, ranging from indifference and welcome.

In a report aired by Al Arabiya television said the Kurdish people: "I am the owner of the library and bring all the magazines and publications of the time before and after the Intifada."

Another says that if the rights of Jews in the region are welcome, and easy for them, considering that this is normal if an Israeli or an Israeli.

While a third say that the call was unusual, they are human beings and we are humans and we will visit them as tourists and they come to their country.

Even among some of the Islamists, they do not see in it a provocation to the feelings of Muslims but just a suggestion.

For his part, said Farhad Awni headline the Kurds that the issuance of the magazine and its call for the return of the Jews in accordance with the law, which does not allow the existence of barriers to the press and freedom of expression even though the street, in conformity with the official opinion of the federal government refuses to establish relations with Israel.

Contrary to those views in a Jewish neighborhood in Erbil, where the buildings still reflect the footprint of building the Jewish people through some of the fear of such a return in the near future.

The woman in the age of them, "When I lived in the region has not a Jew, and came back and started to remember the Jewish area, and he said this was my home and I heard that the Jews to get out of the region said that we will get back in the day, and I do not have a home and need-to-house."

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khoshnaw said...

It is good idea, but our love to Israel is love from one side, Israel do not need us , do not want us, Israel never mentione Kurd or Kurdistan, simply because a powerfull NATO friend , Turkey, but again to open the door between simple people in South Kurdistan and our Kurdish Jews in Israel will be a great idea ,South Kurdsitan today need badly all kind of skills,knowledges..etc.

M b D said...

Hello. I have a question about Kurdish Jews. can someone please email me at


Jozef said...


I live in Israel, and I must say a comment.

First of all, I find out about this magazine thanks to IBA news. (Israel. ) .

First of all, there are israelis who speaks about Kurdistan - Including me ( I was speaking with a friend today, to be honest. ) .

The Relationsship between Israel and Kurdistan is pretty bad because unfortunately, Some of the areas are at Iraw and Iran.

Second, the Kurdish jews in Israel stays in Israel Because they can't come to all places and because they feel safer - The reason is easy : Jews are controlling Israel - From the past try. I might be able to say that the iraqians and iranians can enter to the areas and... Guess for yourself!

Even with that, I wish to come to Kurdistan one day... When the situation will be bette...

Oh and by the way, the situation between Israel and Turkey is not that good, especially lasety, if you may heard about the meeting between Dani Eylon and Turkey's ambassador.

If you see some of the "World News" so you only see half of the problem - like with the war between Israel and Gaza.


Daniel said...

Thanks for explore the face Jozef.
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Junaid Walayat said...

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