Dec 28, 2009

Appeal from an Israel – kurd organization to the world public opinion about the current situation in Turkey in general and Kurdistan in the private

The Time at which all the politics and leaders in the free world trying and take steps opining doors for democracy prevails and promotion of human rights, the time we still remember what the Nazis committed crimes against Humanity, we believe that the current crimes are binging with the Kurdish people at this moment.

The Turkish government practice immoral Rights of the Kurdish people in Turkey and immoral the rights of leaders elected by the people and arresting them in prisons with have no rights, and to losing most basic rights of citizenship without respecting basic laws of Human Rights in the world, here to be an appeal to the leaders of the world and to the free world nations led by the United Nation and the United state of America and European Union, tell them you want to make the Kurdish people and the liberation movement as a terrorist movement such as Taliban, al-Qaeda, hamas and Islamic jihad and Lebanon Hezbollah terrorist’s.
For a nobility that we would kindly ask you to all humanitarian duty and responsibility of historical incident to you that you intervene with all power you have to stop these crimes and violations and un democratic practice against Kurdish people as soon as possible , do appeal to Turkish government to stopping this indiscriminate against Kurdish nation.we believe that
the middle east does not need to be a forty million kurds people, rather than the exercise of democratic rights and humanitarian action to change movements and extremist groups who suffer from the world, we as a people are going take the same sufferings
Once again, this humanitarian appeal and an entrepreneur directed to the international conscience to take action to contain and resolve this, salute and thank all stakeholders who interact with human conscience with the issue that people sympathize with the oppressed and suffering with our best wishes and appreciation to all of you.

26-12-2009 Dawood Baghstani President of Israel- Kurd Organization

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